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Alternative Dispute Resolution in New Jersey

The traditional divorce process can be very timely, costly, and stressful.  It may be helpful for some to consider mediation, an alternative to the traditional process that is available to you and your spouse to work out the terms of your divorce by participating in the process.  This process allows you to negotiate more openly, in a less stressful environment, and gives you more control over the process.  It may often save both time and money. 

Arbitration is a process where you and your spouse appear outside the court system to have your issues decided for you similar to a Judge deciding your case.  Not only do the attorneys in the firm use the services of mediation and arbitration to assist settlement negotiations, but the firm also offers these services.  So, if you are already represented by counsel, please consider utilizing our highly skilled mediators and arbitrators.   If you have questions about mediation or are interested in mediating your divorce, please contact Snyder Sarno D'Aniello Maceri da Costa LLC and schedule a consultation.  Call (973) 274-5200.


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